• Which parasites are present in the human body. Classification of parasites, their types. How to get rid of internal parasites, prevention.
    20 August 2022
  • Parasites in the human body are treated by various methods. The use of soda and its solution against helminths. Patient evaluation.
    20 April 2022
  • Symptoms of parasites in the human body. The reason for the uninvited guests. Diagnose and decontaminate a person from worms.
    17 April 2022
  • From these materials, you will learn which parasite tests exist today, which biological materials (blood, feces) are examined, and how accurate the results are.
    16 April 2022
  • Parasites in the human body are our constant companions. We may not even be able to guess at their existence, but at the same time, they continue to injure the body. What are the symptoms that identify the presence of worms and how to get rid of them? Answers in the article.
    16 April 2022
  • The signs of roundworms in adults and children, as well as how to identify roundworms at home and use various diagnostic methods, will be described in this article.
    25 July 2021
  • In modern reality, these or these parasites live in 95%(! )% of the living things on earth. It is very important to understand that any worm can seriously harm your health. Therefore, it is necessary to take an extremely responsible attitude towards their prevention and treatment.
    26 April 2021
  • Parasitic diseases are another type of disease caused by protozoa or worms. Giardia and worms-similarities and differences, clinical manifestations, treatment.
    21 April 2021
  • Many people believe that only small dangerous pests are found in the gastrointestinal tract (intestines, liver, spleen) and mistake them for harmful. These demons feel great in our blood, subcutaneous layer, bone tissue and brain!
    20 April 2021
  • Types of parasites, signs of their presence in the human body, general symptoms, clinical pictures (depending on location). Treatment and prevention of parasites
    19 April 2021