Reviews Germitox

  • Kamil
    A month ago, something made me feel distorted, nausea, abdominal pain, and itchy anus. I thought I was poisoned and drank the adsorbent, but it didn't help. The wife said it might be a parasite. I decided to order on the Germitox website. On the fifth day after taking it, it became much easier. All the unpleasant symptoms disappeared.
  • Paulina
    My daughter was diagnosed with helminthiasis. She is 8 years old this year. The doctor prescribed medicinal preparations, but it didn't help. I decided to order Germitox on the manufacturer's official website. Take 2 tablets daily. By the way, these medicines are sweet. Five days later, her condition improved and an examination was carried out, and the result was negative. I recommend!
  • Patryk
    My son was diagnosed with helminthiasis. I did not turn to the pharmacy for help, I ordered Germitox directly from the manufacturer on the website. The package is delivered by mail. I pay at the same place. After holding the child for 5 days, the child became more cheerful, his appetite improved, and he no longer became erratic.
  • Aleksandra
    I never thought I would face parasites when I was 50 years old. Pharmacy medicine does not help, it only exacerbates the symptoms. A friend suggested Germitox. After three days, I seemed to be born again. The parasite is gone.
  • Marek
    Germitox is a natural medicine based on trace elements and plant extracts. I take medicine once a year for prevention. Very good health!
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